Mettacool has partnered with Boldly+Co to create a 6-month Productivity Planner that will show you how to achieve more in less time, integrate your busy life, and be the best version of yourself every day.

- Full color directions & instructional video included for planning, with access to Mettacool's proprietary guided visualization exercise so that you can envision the life you deeply desire

- Goal setting exercises and action steps to bring you closer to your goals and the life you envision for yourself

- Weekly “Brain Dump”, “Quick Tasks”, and “Well-Being” pages
Daily planning pages with 30-minute slots for meetings, commitments, productivity, and action


High-Achieving Productivity Planner

01. UNDATED monthly and weekly calendar views, so you aren't limited to a June-Nov planner if you don't start using it until July or August

02. Stylish design & inspirational quotes from empowering women throughout

03. Luxurious soft touch & full color cover with gold-colored coils

04. Boldly & Co time management methodology

05. Mettacool coaching framework

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