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By Crystal Shepherd The business world has officially begun to see an “EQ Revolution.” Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is one’s ability to understand, evaluate, and manage emotions. This includes both one’s own emotions and others’, which requires one to read signals and respond appropriately. Employers have shifted the conversation regarding intelligence (IQ), with a new […]

The Importance of Developing Your EQ

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By Crystal Shepherd Working in a space that is invigorating, refreshing, and focused is key to our morale and productivity. Not only are we working from home more, but we’re also spending more time in our homes in general. This makes the threat of distraction and lack of productivity feel even more daunting. It has […]

Design Your Home Office For Optimal Joy & Productivity

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By Crystal Shepherd Finding a mentor is pivotal to your triumphs— connecting with someone who is experienced in your field can help you gain inside knowledge, tips, and motivation for your own successes. Research shows a significant relationship between workplace mentorship and career attitudes. In fact, mentorship positively affects psychological attitudes and outcomes so much […]

6 Steps to Finding a Mentor

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By Crystal Shepherd It can sometimes feel as though if we want to participate in contemporary life, stress is just a part of the package deal. In order to be accomplished and productive in the working world, we must feel pressured. If your to-do list does not cause anxiety, you are not doing enough. Stress […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace

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Get clear on the people who are going to help you succeed, personally and professionally. Download HERE.

FREE Worksheet: Your Success Circle

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Let’s be honest: music is a form of therapy. It has the ability to impact our mood, get our creative juices flowing, and it changes the way we perceive the world around us — usually in a positive way. So why not start your day off with some tunes that make you feel happy, motivated, […]

Funk Up Your Commute

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It’s so important to be self aware, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you’re good at, where you may have a blindspot, and how you prefer to communicate and operate makes life so much easier across the board. You […]

The Enneagram: Which Type Are You?

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