$699.00 one-time payment OR
$175.00/month for 4 months 

Mettacool’s coaching utilizes proven coaching methods rooted in behavior change science, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing to help individuals set and achieve personal and professional goals and develop new, more positive behaviors. Our board-certified coaches specialize in navigating major career and life transitions, finding your personal and professional purpose, work-life integration, designing a life of integrated well-being, and combating stress and burnout.

Must use all 6 sessions within 12 months.


6 Coaching Sessions

01. Six 50-minute virtual sessions to be completed over the phone, wherever and whenever it works for you

02. One-on-one attention from a board-certified coach 

03. Guidance and expertise in the areas you choose to focus on

04. Realistic solutions that will work for YOU and your life

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