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Gift Guide: Our Favorites

With the holidays coming up soon, the Mettacool team has put together a few of our favorite gifts to give this year! We wanted to showcase some of the talent and ingenuity of some of our favorite female entrepreneurs, and these gifts are sure to please!

1. Trellis Beauty 

This clean beauty company has eco friendly makeup and skincare products. Using ingredients like oat milk and carrot, their products are sure to nourish the skin. Most of their products are vegan as well, so for a makeup lover looking to try something new and fresh, Trellis Beauty has it all! Check out their holiday shop for some great last-minute clean beauty bundles.

2. The Metta Mama Coaching Guide

From the Mettacool team, this coaching guide was developed for the new or expecting mothers in your life. There’s no tougher transition than becoming a mother for the very first time, especially for professional women! Help make this major life change easier on the new mom in your life with Mettacool’s Metta Mama Coaching Guide — and entirely self-paced digital program that gives women the professional resources and support they need to navigate preparing for leave, going on leave, and returning to work with confidence, because every woman should be able to crush her career goals without putting her family priorities on pause.

3. Kombucha Brewing Kit

For those who love to cook and make their own drink, this is a sure to please gift! The Kombucha Shop is a female-founded company and this kit “includes all the essentials needed to start brewing and the kombucha culture and equipment you need to keep going!” It has taught thousands of people how to grow their own kombucha cultures at home and it’s great for the digestive system! Get it for the adventurous drink lover in your life for only $45!

4. Hygge Life

“A hygge home is not about perfection – it’s about finding the home décor that speaks to you personally and creating a space that cultivates the moments you love.” Looking for some fresh new decor for the holiday season? Hygge Life is a female-founded home decor company with fresh new accessories for every season. With everything from candle holders and lanterns to dinnerware and table decor, Hygge Life has all the cozy things people need for their homes! We love their founder’s book, “Dwell, Gather, Be”!

5. Jiggy Puzzles

Jiggy is a female founded company that supports female artists! Each piece is unique and comes with the tools you need to preserve the puzzle as a work of art. Jiggy is also working hard to reduce carbon emissions with their shipping. Check out their holiday collections like North Star and ‘Tis the Season for some stunning puzzles!

6. Wolf People Co.

Everyone loves a stunning piece of jewelry, and Wolf People Co. does not disappoint. With female made designs based on design inspiration from Africa. Their stones are hand cut and they have both metal and traditional beaded designs. Wolf People Co. earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets are elegant, unique, and perfect to add to any collection.

7. Krimson Klover

Krimson Klover crafts apparel that makes you look good and feel good using natural, sustainable fibers and responsible manufacturing with a commitment to supporting women. Their clothing comes in a wide range of options from cardigans and sweaters to leggings and skirts and even to accessories like totes and touques. 

8. VineBox

Wine tasting can be expensive and sometimes you end up with drinks that just aren’t right for you. The VineBox tailors your preferences and sends you a bunch of wines to try based on what you like. Check out their Winter Wine Tour for only $95 dollars, a beautiful set of European wines perfect for the holiday season to say ‘cheers!’ with.

9. Second Wind

Fashionable face masks from a female founded company! Second Wind is a small, women-owned business based in NYC founded by stylist, Karen Perez. Her goal was to inspire people to feel confident, stylish, and comfortable within our new normal. All of their materials are sourced from the US and are all natural to make sure their masks are top quality!

10. Ember Mugs

For those who are sticklers for a consistently hot morning coffee, the Ember mug is a perfect gift. It is a temperature controlled mug that keeps your drink at a desired temperature until the very last drop. Additionally, it pairs with an app on your smartphone to help customize your drink preferences further. You can get one as a regular mug or a travel option too!


December 16, 2020

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